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The Most Common Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why is Tethrr needed?
A: As NFT holders have become more concerned about security, Cold Wallets have gained traction. A Cold Wallet is a crypto-currency wallet that holds NFTs but is otherwise preferred to not be used to interact with contracts or websites.

Because many projects reward wallets which store NFTs - projects are asking Cold Wallet users to connect to a wide variety of sites. Because some users are reluctant to do so - they let valuable opportunities pass and miss out on free mints, whitelists, and more. Tethrr solves this problem.
Q: What problem does Tethrr solve?
A: Using Tethrr, Cold Wallet owners can identify a trusted Hot Wallet to act on its behalf when interacting with websites or contracts. The wallets become "Tethered" together. Now the Cold Wallet owner can enjoy the benefits of holding the NFT without risking connecting their Cold Wallet.

Q: FAQ under development
A: Feel free to contact us anytime at with questions.